Portsmouth Service League



The Portsmouth Service League is proud to offer grants to area nonprofits from funds made available through our fundraising activities and through our wholly owned property, the Woman’s Club of Portsmouth. All suggested proposals will be properly researched by the Grants Oversight Committee of the Portsmouth Service League.

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community service

The Portsmouth Service League has a rich history of service. Every active member of the Service League has made a pledge to volunteer a certain number of hours within the community. The volunteer projects are wide and varied.

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Scholarship fund

The Portsmouth Service League is thrilled to announce the creation of two $1,000 scholarships.  The recipients of the scholarships will be women residing in Portsmouth, continuing their education while maintaining a strong commitment to serving the community.

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our supporters

Through financial sponsorship and in-kind donations, our generous supporters make it possible to keep the legacy of the Portsmouth Service League alive and allow us to share our passion for service and our community.

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